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Stoney Haven Motel
Salem Township, Delaware County, Indiana

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Location -
Salem Township, Delaware County, Indiana
1958-1960:  State Highway 67 South of Muncie    |    On the west side of the highway south of CR400S and north of CR500S
Coordinates: 4007'26.92N 8527'06.60W
Address (When Robbins Family lived there):  RR 1, Box 131A, Daleville, Indiana   (No ZIP Codes Then)  S2, The phone number was AT 2-4949 (AT stood for Atlas - the two letters in all phone numbers were later changed to the corresponding numbers making this phone number 282-4949 as it would be today) S13.
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-  Pictures of Motel, about 1959:  (Ph13291-003 to 005.jpg) -!Ako2MAzrZKVeg91hlUNHOpLtVAx6LA?e=XYZfGi
-  003:  Stoney Haven Motel House
-  004:  Stoney Haven Motel - Motel Rooms - Looking NW - abt 1959
-  005:  Stoney Haven Motel - Office and gas pump - abt 1959
Postcard Received while living at this house - 3 June 1959 -  Link
Property Description: A part of the West half (1/2) of the Southeast Quarter (1/4) of Section one (1), Township nineteen (19) north, Range nine (9) east, more particularly described as follows:  Commencing at a point Eleven hundred fifty-four and three tenths (1154.3) feet south of the Northwest corner of the Southeast Quarter (1/4) of said Section One (10, and running East and parallel with the North line of said Section one (1) township nineteen (19) north Range nine (9) east, three hundred thirty-nine (339) feet more or less to the North right-of-way line of present State Road No. 67, thence in a southwesterly direction and along the north right-of-way line of the present State Road No. 67 to where the right-of-way line intersects with the west line of the Southeast Quarter (1/4) of Section One (1) township nineteen (19) north, range nine (9) east; thence north on said west line of said southeast quarter (1/4) of said Section one (1), Four Hundred sixty-two (462) feet to the place of beginning.  Containing 1.797 acres, more or less.   S3, S5, S6,
Property Layout and House Floor plan - I-19,
     (Click for larger image)

      As it was in 1959

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Occupants - 1958 - 1960
Walter C. Robbins, Sr., ID0005    |    Norma Louise Haas Robbins, ID0006   |   Walt Robbins, Jr., ID0001    |    Phillip Eugene Robbins, ID0007    |    Living, ID0013

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1 March 1957 Sellers:  Armon & Ruth Norris - Buyers:  Michael & Adelaide LaPota - S3,
13 Nov 1957 Sellers:  Michael & Adelaide LaPota - Buyers:  William & Mary Farish - S4, S5,
27 Aug 1958 Sellers:  William & Mary Farish - Buyers:  Orville & Ann Smith - S6, S22,
Sept, Oct 1958  Sellers:  Orville and Ann Smith - Buyers:  Walt & Norma Robbins - S7, S8, S18,
Aug 1960 Sellers:  Walt & Norma Robbins - Buyers:  Harold & Lois Lykins - S9, S17,
11 Jan 1961 Sellers:  Walt & Norma Robbins - Promissory Note - Signed by Gertrude and Jay Telleson - S10,
20 Oct 1969 Rezoning for expansion  S19,
Sept 1972 Display Ad for Stoney Haven Motel - Ph12481.jpg  S20,
March 1973 Classified Ad - For Sale  (Asking Price;  $65,000.00- S21,
Feb 1989 Adult Bookstore operating at Stoney Haven Motel - S23,

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Notes -
This business was purchased in 1958 after leaving the 110-acre farm near Eaton, Indiana.  My father had gotten very sick with yellow jaundice and thought it best to give up the farm for a less stressful endeavor. He was working full-time at Chevrolet Muncie and did the maintenance, etc. at the motel. Mom did most of the work related to the rooms themselves, cleaning, washing, ironing, etc.  Dad took care of all the maintenance of the buildings, rooms, etc.  There was always something wrong it seemed.  Each room had a TV and in those days they operated off of antennas, no cable TV.  It seemed we had our TV repairman (Sam Jones) on speed dial.  The work was tremendous and the profit was just not there. The timing was bad because this is when the large motels were just coming into being. The first ones, the Holiday Inn, had just moved to Muncie not far from our motel. (The Holiday Inn opened 31 Jan 1960 - [S25] ) Before the advent of the large motels those in existence were small, mostly family-owned ones like this one. All of these smaller businesses were hurt and most had to cease operation or change to being apartments or other uses. Currently the Stoney Haven is an apartment complex.  See the 1959 Store License for the motel for the address, no sales tax yet S2

The motel contained 6 guest rooms plus an office in a one-story configuration. The residence was a small Bedford stone home with a kitchen, living room and 3 small bedrooms plus one bathroom and a 2-car attached garage. The property was 1.75 acres and there was a large sign out in the front yard I5.  The cost of a room was about $6-$10 per night.

There was a gas pump located in the parking lot in front of the office at the south end of the motel rooms.  This pump can be seen in the Telephone Ad, I7,   S11 page 15.  In the back yard behind the motel and house sat an unfinished cement block, 2 bedroom house and a small wooden storage shed I8, I9.  There was also a large Propane Gas Tank which supplied fuel for the heating for the house and the motel I9.

The motel sign (see images below) was out by the highway.  When State Road 67 was converted into a 4-lane road with a median the area of the motel yard where the sign was located was taken up by the expansion of the new road.  SourcesS1,    Images:   I5, I6,

After 1960 there was a restaurant for a short time - the eating area was in the living room and dining room of the house (see telephone ad below)  S1The former motel rooms are now three apartments [2011]

The house had 3 bedrooms, one bath, a living room/Dining room with a fireplace at the north end.  There was a 2-car attached garage.  The main bedroom was in the northwest corner of the house - the other two bedrooms were at the south end next to the garage, but you had to walk through the one bedroom to get to the other one - not a very convenient arrangement.  The bathroom had a bathtub but the shower was a handheld unit instead of being high on the wall, the hose was short and not very convenient.  The floors, with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom were all beautiful hardwood flooring.  The outside was covered in Bedford Stone.

When moving to this home the kids had to change schools. On the farm they had attended Eaton Schools but now they moved to a new school Daleville schools. This was quite a change for them and the boys especially did not adjust well.

It was quickly determined this was not the life the family had in mind so another house was in the future. The motel was sold and the North of Daleville house was purchased. 
Motel Account Books  1958, 1959  - #1, S11   #2, S12 - 1960 -
"Spending the Night in Muncie-Tourist Camps, Motor Courts and Motels"  The Bulletin (Delaware County Historical Society), Vol. 6, No. 5, Sept/Oct 2018
-  Stoney Haven Motel is listed at bottom of article

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Ownership Succession
1 March 1957:  Sellers:  Armon & Ruth Norris - Buyers:  Michael & Adelaide LaPota - S3,
13 Nov 1957:  Sellers:  Michael & Adelaide LaPota - Buyers:  William & Mary Farish - S4, S5,
27 Aug 1958:  Sellers:  William & Mary Farish - Buyers:  Orville & Ann Smith - S6,
Sept, Oct 1958:  Sellers:  Orville and Ann Smith - Buyers:  Walt & Norma Robbins - S7, S8,
Sellers:  Walt & Norma Robbins -
Aug 1960:  Buyers:  Harold & Lois Lykins - S9,
11 Jan 1961:  Promissory Note - Signed by Gertrude and Jay Telleson - S10,

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Source Citation

(Click for larger View)
(To Magnify larger image - use CTRL + )

S1 Book: Telephone Directory, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, page 118. Indiana Bell Telephone Company, July 1961. Repository: Muncie Public Library. Acc001943/Ph9045.jpg

Stoney Haven Motel
Photo of motel with sign
New Bedford Stone Motel/Free Television - Radiant Heat/ Reasonable Rates
New Restaurant in Motel
5 minutes from Muncie
Call AT 9-1331
Tiled Showers/ St. Rd. 67 So. 

Telephone Directory
Muncie, Indiana, 1960, page 118


S2 Store license for Stoney Haven Motel for 1959 - License # 60335 -Issued by Indiana Dept. of State Revenue and dated 6 May 1959 . Acc000340/Doc0629.pdf

Indiana Department of State Revenue
Store License for 1959
141 South Meridian Street - Indianapolis 9, Indiana
Expires Jan. 31, 1960
No 60335
This is to certify that
Robbins Walter & Norma/ R R 1 Box 131A/ Daleville Ind.
Cursive: Stoney Haven Motel
is authorized to operate, maintain or open a store in the state of Indiana under Sec. 1, Chap. 207 Acts of 1929 and Acts Amendatory thereof.
$3.50 - License No. 60335 - Date Issued: County: 18 - Mo: 05 - Day: 06 - Year: [19]59
This License: must be displayed conspicuously. Is not transferable to any other person. Is not subject to rebate. Is void if altered.
Paul Shaw Administrator Store License Division

Google Drive

S3 Land Document: Conditional Sales Contract. Delaware County, Indiana. Sellers: Armon & Ruth Norris. Buyers: Michael & Adelaide LaPota. 1 March 1957. Acc002414/Doc1207.pdf.

Date: 1 March 1957
Sellers: Armon & Ruth Norris
Buyers: Michael & Adelaide LaPota
Sales Price: $60,000.00
Land: 1.797 acres (Land Description, PDF page 4)
Filed in Delaware County Recorder Office 15 March 1957 (PDF file, page 6)

1. Exhibit A is PDF page 4 (Land Description)
2. Exhibit B (Personal Property) was not with the document when I received it

S4 Land Document: Assignment of Conditional Sales Contract for Purchase of Real Estate and Personal Property. LaPota and Farish. 13 Nov 1957. Acc002415/Doc1208.pdf

Date: 13 Nov 1957
Sellers: Michael & Adelaide LaPota
Buyers: William & Mary Farish
Purchase Price: $1.00 and other considerations
Filed in Delaware County, Indiana Recorder Office: 16 Nov 1957

S5 Land Record: Agreement for the Exchange of Real Estate and Personal Property. Delaware County, Indiana. Stoney Haven Motel. Farish and LaPota. 13 Nov 1957. Acc002416/Doc1209.pdf

- William A. Farish and Mary C. Farish, Randolph County, Indiana - Party of First Part
- Michael D. LaPota and Adelaide R. LaPota, Delaware County, Indiana - Party of Second Part
- Farish: Property in Union City, Randolph County, Indiana
- LaPota: Stoney Haven Motel
- Stoney Haven Motel Legal Description
- Farish will trade their property in Union City, plus assume the mortgage outstanding ($44,000.00) to purchase the Stoney Haven Motel.

S6 Land Record: Assignment of Conditional Sales Contract for Purchase of Real Estate. Delaware County, Indiana. 27 Aug 1958. Farish and Smith. Acc002417/Doc1210.pdf

Date: 27 Aug 1958
Sellers: William & Mary Farish
Buyers: Orville & Ann Smith
Land Description

S7 Land Record: Offer to Purchase Real Estate. Walter & Norma Robbins, Buyers - Orville & Ann Smith Buyers. Kirtley Real Estate. 24 Sept 1958. Stoney Haven Motel. Salem Township, Delaware County, Indiana. Acc002418/Doc1212.pdf

-  Purchase Price: $49,500.00 ($8500 Cash and assumed the $41,000.00 mortgage)
-  Signatures of Walter and Norma Robbins

S8 Land Record: Bill of Sale. Stoney Haven Motel. Sellers: Orville & Ann Smith. Buyers: Walter & Norma Robbins. Delaware County, Indiana. 1 Oct 1958. Acc002419/Doc1213.pdf
- Lists the Personal Property contained in the sale of the motel - very detailed
S9 Land Record: Assignment of Conditional Sales Contract for Purchase of Real Estate. Stoney Haven Motel. Delaware County, Indiana. Sellers: Walter & Norma Robbins. Buyers: Harold & Lois Lykins. 20 Aug 1960. Acc002420/Doc1214.pdf
-  Signatures of Walter and Norma Robbins
S10 Financial Record: Promissory Note to Walter C. Robbins and Norma L. Robbins, from Gertrude Marie and Jay Telleson. Stoney Haven Motel. 11 Jan 1961, $7,443.55. Acc001611/Doc0887.pdf

1. Signed by Gertrude Marie Telleson and Jay Telleson and witnessed by Ada Maxwell. "Negotiable and payable at The Merchants National Bank, Muncie, Indiana."
2. Amount: $7,443.55
3. For: Sale of Stoney Haven Motel
4. Two Copies - The second copy has notes on the back (PDF file, page 3)
- Page 1 is an original on heavy paper
- Page 2 and 3 are also originals, but on light-weight paper
5. They never got their Money

S11 Financial Record. Account Book for Stoney Haven Motel, Sept 1958 to Oct 1959. Walt & Norma Robbins. Acc002827/Doc1801.pdf

PDF Pages:
1] Payments on Motel
2] Bills Paid 1958 - Sept, Oct
3] Nov, 1958
4] Nov, Dec 1958
5] Jan 1959
6] Jan, Feb 1959
7] March 1959
8] April 1959
9] May 1959
10] June 1959
11] July 1959
12] Aug 1959 (one entry)
13] Sept 1959 (No entries)
14] Oct 1959 (One Entry)
15] Gasoline Sold (There was a gas pump in the parking area in front of the office at the south end of the motel rooms)

S12 Financial Record. Stoney Haven Motel Account Book No. 2. Sept 1958 to Dec 1959. Walt & Norma Robbins. Acc002829/Doc1804.pdf

PDF Pages:
1] Front Cover
2-3] Reservations
4] September [1958], October
5] October, November
6] December
7] 1958 Recap
8] January 1959
9] February
10] Linen Inventory, Jan 1959
11] March
12] April
13] May
14] June
15] July
16] August
17] Laundry
18] September
19] October
20] November
21] December
22-23] Gas Pump Record
24] Names and addresses (2) Previous owners of Motel

Note: Originally a spiral-bound notebook, yellow in color - I removed the covers and pages because the spiral was rusting

S13 Business Card and blank registration card for the Stoney Haven Motel, about 1959.  Acc001305/Doc1160.pdf Doc1160.pdf
S14 Financial Record, 1960 Stoney Haven Motel Account Book (Jan - June). Acc000987/Doc1159.pdf  
S15 Personal Property Bill of Sale. Stoney Haven Motel, Salem Township, Delaware County, Indiana. 20 Aug 1960. Sellers: Walter & Norma Robbins. Buyers: Harold & Lois Lykins. Acc002421/Doc1215.pdf

1. Personal property associated with the Motel listed
2. Signatures of Walt & Norma Robbins
S16 Land Record, Assignment of Contract for Purchase of Real Estate. Stoney Haven Motel, Salem Township, Delaware County, Indiana. 11 Jan 1961. Sellers: Walter C. and Norma L. Robbins - Buyers: Harold L. and Lois Helen Lykins. Acc002422/Doc1216.pdf

1. Property Description
2. Signatures of Walt & Norma Robbins
3. Sellers: Walter & Norma Robbins and Harold and Lois Lykins
4. Buyer: Gertrude Helen Telleson
S17 Real Estate Display Ad
Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 3 July 1960, page 5D, Col. 6, 7. , accessed 19 July 2019. Doc5258-clip.pdf

Several pieces of real estate listed, one of which is for the Stoney Haven Motel near the center:

"Stoney Haven" MOTEL - St. Rd. 67, South
- SIX UNITS - office- Air-Conditioner, TV in each
- 2 ACRES - 3-Bedroom, Stone, Modern Home. Gas heat. Att. 2-car garage . . . MANY people are
interested in this exceptional investment opportunity -- "Don't wait till it's too late." YOUR property
will be seriously considered in TRADE!

Tuttle Realty Co.
104 Western Res. Bldg - Phone At 8-1937
Robertson, AT 4-9897 . . . Tuttle, AT 8-1317 . . . Dunn, AT 4-4151

S18 Muncie Star-Press (Muncie, Indiana), 18 Sept 1958, page 22, Col. 7. , accessed 20 July 2019. Doc5259.pdf

(4 Miles out of Muncie)
9 Units -- This motel includes very attractive, 3-bedroom, stone ranch house and
3-room caretaker's home. There are 6 motel rental units, plus office unit. All stone
construction and excellent furnishings with tiled baths. Air-conditioning in all rooms. Latest radient heating. Easy terms or trade

225 N. Mulberry AT 4-2585
S19 Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 21 Oct 1969, Page 5, Col. 5 , accessed 20 July 2019.

The Board of County Commissioners Monday [20 Oct 1969] approved rezoning of three plots as recommended by the plan commission . . .
The REZONINGS passed were for . . . and Bernard Reagan's Stoney Haven Motel, Ind. 67 south, to allow for expansion.
S20 Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 3 Sept 1972, page 4B, Col. 1, 2., Accessed 21 July 2019. Ph12481.jpg  
S21 Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 29 Mar 1973, page 38, Col. 2., accessed 21 July 2019.

From Image:
For Sale by Owner
Stoney Haven Motel and 2 Houses
Commercially Zoned
Good Road Frontage
5 1/2 Miles South of Muncie on State Road 67
Asking $65,000. Brokers Invited
S22 Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 26 Aug 1958, Page 10, Col. 1-3,, accessed 21 July 2019. Ph12482.jpg  
S23 1.  Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 9 Nov 1989, page 1, Col. 1, 2., accessed 17 July 2019
9 Nov 1989 - Adult Bookstore - Rocky Fordyce plead guilty
Stoney Haven motel repossesed by Stanley and DeLois Mroz - they had previously sold it to Fordyce
- Photo of Fordyce

2.  "Adult Bookstore/Motel Raided" Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 18 Feb 1989, page 1, Col. 1, accessed 17 July 2019
Photo of Fordyce being put in police car

3.  "Adult Bookstore Reported Closing" Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 25 Feb 1989, page 9A, Col. 1, Accessed 17 July 2019
Motel was sold last month by Stanley and DeLois Mroz to Gen-Dyce Copr., and Anderson based organization headed by Rocky L. Fordyce Jr.
S24 1960 Polk Muncie City Directory. "U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995" [database on-line w/ images]. Original Data: Polk's Muncie (Delaware County, Ind.) City Directory, 1960. R. L. Polk & Co, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1961., accessed 18 Jan 2020, Doc5565-002.pdf, page 153.

Stoney Haven Motel RD 1 Daleville Sm twp
S25 Delaware County Historical Society (Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana) "The Society Quarterly" Vol. 9, No. 2 - Summer 2021, Page 10  

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I1 I2 I3
Stoney Haven Motel, 2010 Motel House
With drive
Phil pulling Smokey Dog
Abt. 1960
Stoney Haven Motel House
Ph8713.jpg  [Source:  Google Maps Street View] Ph2747.jpg Ph9151-004.jpg

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I4 I5 I6 I7 I8 I9

Phil Walking from Motel Rooms
 toward House
Stoney Haven Motel Sign Stoney Haven Motel Sign

Telephone Directory
Muncie, Indiana, 1960,
page 118

Storage Shed
Back Yard
Smokey Dog - Hector Cat
behind Motel House
Extra House at left
looking North

Ph3228-002.jpg Ph3229.jpg Ph9045.jpg Ph2753-002.jpg Ph9151-001.tif

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I10 I11 I12 I13 I14 I15
Duke Dog
Stoney Haven Motel
August 1959
Telephone Book Ad
Walt & Norma Robbins
Muncie, Indiana, 1958 or 1959
Thanks Mike!!!
Walt Robbins, Jr
Stoney Haven Motel Sign
Haas Family Christmas
24 Dec 1960
Stoney Haven Motel Home
Guest Rooms
Stoney Haven Motel
abt 1960
Stoney Haven Motel Home
abt 1960

Ph11986.jpg Ph12364-003.jpg Ph12364-010.jpg Ph12370-002.jpg Ph12370-003.jpg

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I-16 I-17 I-18 I-19 I-20 I-21
Stoney Haven Motel
Looking North
Motel Rooms behind Gas Pump
about 1959
Stoney Haven Motel
Gas Pump - Motel Sign
Looking North East
about 1959
Stoney Haven Motel
Gas Pump - Drive -
Posts at north end of Drive
About 1959
Property Layout
Stoney Haven Motel
As it was about 1959
Shed behind House
Stoney Haven Motel
abt 1960

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