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Delaware County Information
County Seat:  Muncie
Area:  396 Sq Miles
Founded:  1827
Location:  40.23 N - 85.40 W
List of Townships

List of Cities & Towns
Source:  S14,

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Cities - Towns - Villages - Post offices -
Bell Creek
Culberton's Corner
Deed's Mill
Gates Corner
Gibson PO
Hazel PO

Hyde Park
Middletown Park
Mount Pleasant
New Burlington
New Corner
Phillips PO
Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Woods PO
Reeds [Station]
Richwood PO
Rival PO
Riverside City
Rural PO
Sharon PO

Stick City [S7]
Van Wedding's Station
West Mills Station
West Muncie
Woodland Park
Zehner Mill
I originally began researching the Towns and Post Offices of Delaware County in the 1980's.  For many years I kept that project separate.  I have now folded that material into these pages.  I have not pursued active research on the Post Offices, so the information presented dates back to the late 1980 time period.

I have included all the towns and post office names I have come across to this time. Some of the listings might not be actual towns, but might be a group of houses around a mill or general store. Mills and stores often-times were centers of trade and would possibly contain a post office. These listings also might include railroad stopping points. Some of the listings might also be areas that were platted and intended to become a future incorporated town but was swallowed up, or ceased to be fulfilled for one reason or another. If this is the case, and I know it I will indicate this in the data.

All of the listings have a significance to Delaware County in one way or another. The purpose of this research is to discover this significance and bring it to these pages.

Source List   -  

-  U.S. Postmaster Appointments, 1832-1971, Delaware County, Indiana ( Link) - Database Search Page -
-  "The Many Communities of Delaware County, Indiana" by Chris Flook.  The Bulletin (Delaware County Historical Society), Nov/Dec 2017 (Vol. 5, No. 6)
-  "What's in a Name?" by Chris Flook.  The Bulletin (Delaware County Historical Society) Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, Nov Dec 2018 (Vol. 6. No. 6) - Doc4928.pdf

The BIBLE of Towns in Delaware County, S10,



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Delaware County Offices
Delaware County Clerks Office  [Marriage, Divorce and Probate Records]
- 100 West Main Street - Muncie, IN 47305-2874    (765) 747-7726   Email
- Marriage Records Information
Delaware County Health Department [Birth & Death Certificates from abt 1882]
 - Delaware County Bldg., Room 207 - 100 West Main St. - Muncie, IN 47305-2874
Vital Records:
   -  Uncertified Death Record, Hard Copy $10.00 (Oct 2013)
-  Application for Death Record:   (Doc1912.pdf)
Delaware County, Indiana - Government Page

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Delaware County Links
Delaware County Historical Society Web Page
FamilySearch Catalog Results accessed 25 Aug 2019
Delaware County INGenWeb Project: 
1.   (Lots of Links & Resources)
2.  (little content)
Delaware County - Genealogy and Family History (LinkPendium)
Delaware County History and Genealogy
Delaware County, Indiana [County History Preservation Society]
Delaware County GIS - Online Mapping
Muncie Sanborn Maps Online
Indiana Memory Project -
Lists Collections from: 
Allen County Public Library -
Ball State University -
Butler University -
Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library -
Indiana Historical Society -
Indiana State Library -
IU PUI - Fort Wayne and Indianapolis
Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library
Morrisson-Reeves Library
Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI)
Purdue University
Wabash Valley Visions & Voices
Delaware County History Resources Available at the Indiana State Library
Delaware County Collections at Indiana State Library
1909-1910 Rural Route Directory of Delaware County, Indiana
Delaware County Plat Book, 1957
Dick Greene:
   Our Neighborhood Newspaper Articles:
      Finding Aid:

   Spurgeon-Greene Photograph Collection:

Newspaper Article, 2 Nov 2013:  EN0642 (Muncie StarPress Online)  Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana


Step Back in Time to Delaware County
Delaware County Post Offices - (Accessed 29 July 2015)
Delaware County Births, Marriages and Deaths
Delaware County Marriage Records 1841-1850
Delaware County Marriage Records, 1827-1840 : wills, 1830-1860
Delaware County Marriage Records, 1827-1957
Muncie City Directories (Braken Library, Ball State Univ., Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana):  1889-1960 (not all years)
Ball State, Bracken Library:
Ball State Archives Online: 
Muncie/Delaware County Historical Photos:

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[001] Courthouses -
1st Courthouse:
-  Erected 1828 - Built of wood - destroyed by fire
2nd Courthouse:
-  Built 1837 - 45 feet square and 28 ft. tall - brick building - Built by John Morgan [The Delaware County Heritage Newsletter (Delaware County Historical Alliance), July/August 2002] - Includes drawing of the building - Doc2815.pdf
3rd County Courthouse:
-  Aug 1887 - 1966
-  Designed by Brentwood S. Tolan of Fort Wayne
-  Photo with caption:  [Album of Yesteryear, The Muncie Star, nd]  Doc2784.pdf
4th Courthouse:
-  1966-
Misc. Courthouse Info:
-  Bell purchased in 1848 from Buckeye Bell Foundry in Cincinnati, Ohio - 1000 pound, Bronze - The bell was used in the 2nd and 3rd Courthouses [The Muncie Star, 28 Feb 1982]

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[002] Roads -
-  "Delaware County Roads - Gravel a Great Improvement over Mud - Toll Roads to Free Roads" Article w/ maps - [DCHS Newsletter, Apr-June 2005, p 5]
-  ByGone Muncie:  "A Close Encounter...", Chris Flook, Muncie StarPress, 9 June 2019 (Doc5289.pdf)
Notes from article:

- Cornbread Road - Yorktown to Hoyt Avenue - Origin of the name: Folks took their corn to the mill to have it ground at Hoye Ave and Buck Creek and the way they traveled became known as Cornbread Road. Fire destroyed the mill in 1895.

- Middletown Pike
- I 1832 the Indiana General Assembly commissioned the Pendleton Road "From Munceytown in Delaware3 Middletown in Henry County.
- In 1853 the road was a Plank or Corduroy road

- First Turnpike in Delaware County was the Muncie and Middletown Turnpike Company
- Incorporated 29 June 1866
- Gravel turnpike route about the same route as the Pendleton Road -
- Toll gates were at current Hoyt and Memorial and CR 300W at St Rd 67
- During Gas Boom - Middletown Pike was renamed to Hoyt Avenue.

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[003] Cemeteries - [S5] - [S6] -
Elm Ridge  
Gardens of Memory  

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[004] Schools -
-  "Memorabilia of Early Delaware County Schools" by Debbie Clawson Bowers - The Indiana Genealogist, June 2014, (Vol. 25, No. 2), Page 35. 
-  Memorabilia of the Clawson Family who taught in various Delaware County Schools in the late 1800s and early 1900s
-  "1879:  We now have 124 schoolhouses in Delaware County, Outside the city of Muncie" (Muncie Times, 2 Oct 1879) - [DCHS Newsletter, July-Sept 2008, page 1]
-  Drawing of first school in Delaware County - North of New Burlington - [DCHS Newsletter, July-Sept 2008, page 5]

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[005] Maps -
1870:  Indiana Gazetteer:  (David Rumsey Map Collection) - Link,
1876 Map of Delaware County
1881 Delaware County Map
Atlas of Delaware County, Indiana, 1887
Delaware County Interactive Map
Delaware County, Indiana Detail Map - Shows towns large and small - Rockford Map Publishers, Plat Book 1952 - Doc2717.pdf
Delaware County Map, 1960 - Delaware County Genealogist, March 1992, page 5 - Doc2901.pdf
Sanborn Maps for Delaware County - IU Libraries - (Eaton, Muncie, Yorktown [See Muncie]) - (Accessed 4 Aug 2015)

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[006] Newspapers -
Jan 1899:  Muncie had three daily newspapers when the year 1899 began:  The Herald and The Times, published weekldy evenings, and the Muncie News, publishedevery morning. 

Source:  "Album of Yesteryear"  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 3 Dec 1995

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[007] Railroads -
-  Interurban running between Muncie & New Castle running through Cowan, Oakville, Springport and Mount Summit   [S7]
-  "Railroads of Delaware County" - Accessed, 15 March 2019 - Link, (Google Maps)

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[008] Misc. -
[008-001]  Canals:
-  "The Canal That Never Was" by Chris Flook - "The Bulletin", Vol. 6, No. 3 (May/June 2018) - Delaware County Historical Society, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana (Doc4754.pdf)
[008-002] Delaware County Infirmary:

Other Names:
-  County Farm
-  Delaware County Farm

-  Indiana 32 east of Muncie in Liberty Township, north side of Highway - Ph12509.jpg (Google Maps Image, 2019)
     -  GPS Coordinates: 40.1951230, -85.3002730
-  The infirmary was located adjacent to the Delaware County Poor Farm  S12,
-  Acreage:  100 acres    S11,
-  County Infirmary Cemetery:
     -  Also known as County Farm Cemetery, Delaware County Farm Cemetery, Delaware County Infirmary Cemetery
     -  GPS Coordinates: 40.1951230, -85.3002730

   -  The building after the 1915 Fire:  (Ph12507.jpg)
   -  Delaware County Poor Farm, ND -  (Ph12506.jpg)

-  Date Built: 
-  Delaware County Poor Farm Founded:  1851    S11,
-  Date of Fire:  1891 (Death of 4 Inmates)  S13 Part 1,
-  Date of Fire:  28 March 1915 (Death of 13 Inmates)   S11, S13 Part 1,
   -  No fire escapes on building   S13 Part 1,
-  Date torn down:  1990s     S11,
   -  Nov 1996 most of the remaining building was torn down    S11,

"As many as 170 people lived in the home in the early decades of the 20th century. They included not only the poor and mentally ill but those who had been injured in accidents, suffered from arthritis or syphilis and, in one case, a woman who had given birth to eight illegitimate children."    S11,

Articles pertaining to the Infirmary:

-  "Fire at the Delaware County Infirmary" by Jennifer Lewis - Article and Photo - [DCHS Newsletter, May-June 2015]  Part 1 - Part 2 -
On The Banks of White River website (Delaware and Neighboring Indiana Counties)

1. , accessed 25 Aug 2019

2. "Century Later, Fire Victims Mostly Forgotten" Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 21 March 2015, Accessed 25 Aug 2019.
Link: , accessed 25 Aug 2019

3. County Infirmary Cemetery - , accessed 25 Aug 2019
"Also known as County Farm Cemetery, Delaware County Farm Cemetery, Delaware County Infirmary Cemetery"
E? Jackson Street (Indiana State Highway 32)?
Selma, Delaware County, Indiana, 47302 USA

4. Indiana Memory: , accessed 25 Aug 2019
"Delaware County Infirmary Remains after Fire"

5. Delaware County Infirmary remains after fire - (I got this link from #4) , accessed 25 Aug 2019
- Image of burned building

6. "Century after fire killed 13, coup0le press for marker at site" , accessed 25 Aug 2019

7. , accessed 25 Aug 2019
- "Fire at the Delaware County Infirmary" by Jennifer Lewis - Article and Photo - [DCHS Newsletter, May-June 2015] Part 1 - Part 2 -
- On The Banks of White River website (Delaware and Neighboring Indiana Counties)"
Part 1:
Part 2:

8. Delaware County Infirmary Construction Images: (10 Images), accessed 25 Aug 2019

9.  Delaware County Infirmary, built 1973:, accessed 25 Aug 2019

10.  Delaware County Infirmary Image: , accessed 25 Aug 2019

[008-003] Population:
1840:  8843 - [S2, p 240]
1850:  10,976  [S2, p 240]

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[010] Text -

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Source Citation

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S5 Book:  Cartwright, Rosaella and Elizabeth Modlin. Cemeteries in Delaware County, Indiana., Self-published, 1988. Bk2120
-  The County Cemeteries are listed by Township
-  Includes maps of each township with the various cemeteries marked.
-  Includes the location and driving directions to each cemetery.
-  Includes and alphabetical index
S6 Delaware County Cemetery Burial List ( - Link,  
S7 "Our Neighborhood" by Bill Spurgeon.  The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 19 Apr 1996
-  Stick City (South of Muncie on old State Road 3 - Walnut Street)
-  Interurban running between Muncie & New Castle running through Cowan, Oakville, Springport and Mount Summit
S8 "Our Neighborhood" by Bill Spurgeon, The Muncie Star (Muncie, Indiana), 10 and 15 Dec 1992 (Blacksmith Shops in Delaware County)  
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S13 "Fire at the Delaware County Infirmary" by Jennifer Lewis - Article and Photo - [DCHS Newsletter, May-June 2015] Part 1 - Part 2 -
- On The Banks of White River website (Delaware and Neighboring Indiana Counties)"
Part 1:
Part 2:


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