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Revolutionary War
Fischer Family (Sons of Johan Wilhelm)
(6th G Grandfather)
   -  Peter, ID0539
   -  Philip, ID0540
   -  Henry, ID0542
   -  John, ID0541
   -  Michael, ID0543
   -  Frantz, ID0544
   -  Frederick, ID0545
   -  John George, ID0546
"The eight sons of Wilhelm Fischer all served in the Continental Army during the Revolution.  As can be expected, some served various enlistments at various times, according to the emergency/ but it is worthy of note that at one time six of these sons served in the same company as is evidenced by a return of Captain Sebastian Miller's Company of Berks County Militia under Colonel Joseph Hiester on May 31, 1781, in which appear the names of John, Henry, Fridrich, Georg, Pitter, and Michael Fisher (PA Arch., 5th Series, Vol. V., pg. 211).  while Frantz Fisher is noted in a regiment of the Continental Line and Philip Fisher in the German Regiment.  The revolutionary War tablet S2, on the wall of Hain's Church mentions Frederic, Michael, Peter, Sr., Peter, Jr., and Philip Fisher."   S1 page 13,    
Philip Klinger, ID0420 Philip's Rev. War Page
(G G G G Grandfather)
Pennsylvania Militia - Battle of Princeton    
Jeremiah Piles, ID0424
(G G G G Grandfather)
Virginia Militia -    
David Weidner, ID0422
(G G G G Grandfather)
Captain - 3rd Battalion, Berks County, Pennsylvania    

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Civil War
George Foulke, ID0076 (G Grandfather)
Civil War Timeline Page
109th Ind. Inf.  (served about 9 days during the Morgan Raid Scare)    
Enos Hiatt, ID2179  (G G G  Uncle)
Private, Co. G, 147th Ind. Vol. Inf.    
John Milton Piles, ID1278 (G G G Uncle)
(Brother of Joshua F.)
Civil War Timeline Page
Civil War Pension Page
Private, Co. E, 71st Ohio Vol. Inf.    
Joshua F. Piles, ID1279  (G G G Uncle)
(Brother of John Milton)
Civil War Timeline Page

Civil War Pension Page
Private, Co. C, 44th Ohio Vol. Inf.
Private, Co G, 8th Ohio Vol. Cav.
Emanuel Warthan, ID0647 (G G G Uncle)
Pension Documents Page
Civil War Timeline Page
Private, Co. G, 3rd Minn. Vol. Inf.
1837-1864  (Died in Service to his Country) -
John Whetstone, ID0394   S3,
(G G Grandfather)


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WW 1
August Haas, ID0377 (Grandfather) U.S. Navy, Rank:  Musician, 2nd Class    

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WW 2
Marjorie Haas, ID0381 (Aunt) U. S. Navy, Mailman 2nd Class, San Francisco Fleet Post Office    
Olive Haas, ID0380 (Aunt) U. S. Navy, -    
Walt Robbins, Sr., ID0005  (Father)
WW2 Timeline
U. S. Army, Ending Rank:  Staff Sgt., Co. B, 413th Inf. Reg, 104th Inf. Div    
Robert C. Ross, ID2170 (2nd Cousin)
Family Page Link
U.S. Army, Cpl of 633rd M P (EG) Co - Find a Grave Memorial -
1914-1944  (Died in Service to his Country) -

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S1 Swope, Frances Hain and Henry B Warner. History of the Hain Family: Descendants of George and Veronica Hain. Reading, PA: Reading Eagle Press, 1941. Bk2921.  
S3 Letter: from Gerald Heckert to Wilma Haas Lucas, 22 Sept 1983. Subject: Ohio Civil War Rosters. Acc001724/Doc0486.pdf
Note: This letter refers to the 12-volume set of Ohio Civil War Rosters - Each entry gives the volume number, but no page number and it appears to be the entire listing for each person. There are listings for 21 Whetstone men.


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