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Oscar Robbins About 1910 Grace Foulke - about 1910
Oscar C. Robbins Grace G. Foulke August Haas Mabel M. Worthen

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These pages present the story of my Family and a little about their lives.

My Family History pursuit began by talking to, and gathering information from, three family members: Myron Foulke Robbins, Sr. , Wilma Haas Lucas and Marjorie Haas Van Couwenberghe.

They were more than generous with their time and data - their names will appear often in my source material and I have left the citations as a tribute to them. 

It is because of their kindness that I have continued down this road.

Please contact me for further information

Thank you for visiting!

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Amasa J. Foulke
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John Rhodes Affair

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History of the Guitar
 Conflict at Bennett's Creek:  The Battle of Tippecanoe
Daleville Community Park Photo Album (Daleville, Delaware County, Indiana)
Marathon Filling Station (Daleville, Delaware County, Indiana)
Town of Daleville Scrapbook

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History of the Robbins, Haas, Foulke, Worthen and Associated Families  (Narrative History of the Family)

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RobbHaas Collection System
The sources contain information about my collection of family history material. The following explains some of my terminology:
RH Archives = RobbHaas Archives
Acc = Accession
- An accession number such as Acc000945  is my method of creating a call number for finding and keeping track of the documents and items in my Family History Collection System
Bk = Book number of books in my collection or of interest to my family research
S1, S2, etc. = Links to Sources at bottom of each page
N1, N2, etc. = Links to Notes at bottom of the page (few pages have notes sections)
I1, I2, etc. = Links to Images at bottom of the page
Ph = Photo file number
ID = Identification number - I assigned each person in the family a unique number generated by a database.  There is no rhyme nor reason in the assigning of numbers.  As new people were added to the family tree they were simply given the next available number
Doc = A Doc number such as Doc1293.pdf is a scanned image of a document, photo, etc.  These are mostly in .pdf format and are downloadable

RobbHaas Collection:
The RobbHaas Collection contains not only documents, but family heirlooms, photographs, and photographic negatives. Most of the collection has been catalogued and entered into databases for easy retrieval

My Organization System
Contact me for further information on any of the data or images shown and I will do my best to answer your questions

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I have created these pages for my benefit.  If any of this data is beneficial to others I will be gratified.  I am fully aware there is incorrect data, missing data, bad sources, etc.  I am attempting to correct it as time permits.  If you find a problem, or have a suggestion please Contact me.   These pages are not fancy - I prefer data to glitz.  Please feel free to use any of this data.  I would appreciate a note detailing where this material came from but I realize I cannot control this.


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